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Astrophysics XIS-1517

The XIS-1517 is the baseline heavy duty x-ray inspection system in the Totalpost cargo and freight screening range.

To find out more about the Astrophysics XIS-1517 call one of Totalpost’s X-ray screening experts on Tel: 0845 4900360 or email

  • The XIS-1517 is a premier heavy duty system with a tunnel opening of 1500 x 1703 mm (59” x 67”).

    The XIS-1517 is especially designed for screening crates, cargo and pallet sized objects at all security sites, including airports and customs locations.

    It incorporates a low conveyor height of just 300 mm (1 ft) above floor level to enable easy loading and unloading of heavy freight.

    It is equipped with a standard 180 kV generator, but generator upgrades are also available at 200 kV, 250 kV, 320 kV and 450 kV making it an extremely versatile piece of kit.

    Like many of the X-ray threat detection systems in the Astrophysics range, the XIS-1517 is qualified by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

    The XIS-1517 consistently delivers high quality imaging and outstanding performance. The XIS-1517 is your solution to advanced cargo screening.

    • Automatic Image Archiving – up to 50,000 images
    • Automatic Z-number Measurement
    • Baggage Counter
    • Colour and Black & White Imaging
    • Density Alert
    • Edge Enhancement Imaging
    • Geometric Image Distortion Correction
    • High Penetration Function
    • Image Annotation
    • Image Review – for up to last 100 images
    • Manual Archiving of Images in Bitmap Format
    • Manual Archiving of Suspect Images
    • Material Discrimination
    • Organic and Inorganic Imaging
    • Picture Perfect
    • Print Image
    • Programmable Penetration Levels
    • Pseudo Colour and Reverse Monochrome
    • Real-time Image Manipulation
    • Six-colour Imaging
    • Two 24” LCD Flat Panel Colour Monitors
    • User-defined Access to Image Archive
    • User-selectable Zoom-in 2X to 32X
  • * Please note that features and specifications are subject to change without notice.

    Model XIS-1517
    Tunnel Opening W x H 150 cm x 170.2 cm / 59” x 67”
    Dimensions L x W x H 670.9 cm x 259.1 cm x 223.8 cm / 264” x 102” x 88.1”
    Net Weight Approximately 3045 kg / 6736 lbs