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X-Ray Threat Detection

Totalpost provides a wide selection of conveyer and cabinet X-Ray security screening equipment including the latest Astrophysics Inc. ultra high performance X-Ray security screening models.

This high performance equipment is coupled with a thorough understanding of customers needs which we possess through our experienced and professional team. This combination enables us to supply the most advanced X-Ray security equipment to:

  • Mailrooms
  • Airports
  • Freight forwarders / cargo handlers
  • Prisons
  • Courts
  • Corporate headquarters
  • Public buildings
  • Government facilities
  • Any locations requiring security screening

Advanced X-Ray Screening Technology developed by Astrophysics Inc



We are a distributor of Astrophysics Inc X-Ray security screening equipment in South Africa, UK, Ireland and Germany.

This high performance tunnel based X-ray security screening equipment is amongst the most highly regarded technology in the World for the security screening market.

This technology has several unique features including 6 colour imaging, remote diagnostics and SurroundView. This range, developed by scientists and engineers, has gained industry recognition for the development of new technologies and continued innovation.

Features of the machinery include:

High Performance X-ray Screening Equipment

Atomic number analysis assigns 6 distinct colours to the screened object based on density. Each colour identifies a exact range of atomic numbers, including organic, low and high inorganic, as well as light, heavy and dense metals. This unique 6 colour imaging distinguishes between objects that 3 colour does not dramatically improving the operator’s ability to identify between different materials and threats.

The image data is analysed to provide a clear and normalized image called Picture Perfect. Activate Picture Perfect and images that contains multiple, layered objects will become flat and clear for increased visibility.

Real-Time Diagnostics

The disgnostics software monitors multiple system components continuously including: power supply, input voltage, generator, bad diode count, e-stop access, entry / exit sensors, temperature, and more. The Real-Time Diagnostics screen is easily accessible to supervisors and administrators enabling easy machine health review.

Cabinet X-Ray Screening Equipment

Totalpost is also the distributor for a technologically advanced range of cabinet style X-Ray detection systems.


This threat detection machinery has been proven time and time again, both in the UK and across the globe, to be highly efficient in detecting hidden threats. In fact in some situations our equipment has picked up threats that other X-ray screening technology on the market has missed. This is because the Astrophysics range is constantly being further developed in conjunction with university experts and government security programmes in order to stay at least one step ahead of ever evolving security threats. We supply a wide range and size of equipment to be used for screening:

  • Letters and Packets
  • Parcels
  • Baggage
  • Cargo
  • Freight
  • Prisons – narcotics / mobile phones / sim cards etc.

Our X-ray security screening experts can talk you through the various options to help you find the right security screening equipment for your business. To find out more have a look at the options via the categories below or contact us on Tel: (0)11 312 8502 or via email at