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Totalpost USA launches X-Ray Forensic Screening

We’ve been at the NAME (National Association of Medical Examiners) Annual Conference 2013 in Wisconsin over the last few days. Here the USA team has launched our new range of X-Ray Forensic Screening equipment.

Called FLATSCAN, this is a unique and revolutionary technology which has been developed specifically for machine croppedX-Ray forensic screening. It provides a non-invasive, safe and efficient method of carrying out detailed forensic examinations.

This technology is coming soon to other territories including the UK, South Africa and France.

Exhibiting at the NAME Conference was an important first step into the market as it provided an opportunity for FLATSCAN to be viewed by leading forensic professionals.

This new technology has been designed to assist in:

  •  Creating medical coroners reportsbullet path1
  • Establishing cause of death in a non intrusive manner
  • Gathering evidence in criminology
  • Establishing a persons identity

The difference of this machine to others on the market is that it uses high penetration X-Ray forensic screening rather than CT scanning and so can be offered at a fraction of the cost.

Speaking about this exciting new product, Managing Director of Totalpost, David Hymers comments: “We are delighted to be able to offer forensic screening as a further facet of our X-Ray screening range. This is a very exciting time for Totalpost in which we are expanding into new sectors and markets. This is a further offering as part of our ever growing security range.

We are looking forward to rolling the FLATSCAN X-Ray forensic screening product out in other countries and will be appearing at shows and exhibitions worldwide promoting it over coming months.”

Using the FLATSCAN forensic screener operators will be able to focus on an affected or infected organ for very detailed analysis at the touch of a button.

Specific injuries such as bullet wounds can be easily localised by zooming in on a specific area and mapping the path of the foreign object. Hidden injuries which otherwise could not be viewed without lengthy invasive investigation can be viewed and easily discovered in a non invasive manner with minimum disruption to the body.

This extremely accessible technology is set to change forensic practices worldwide.

To find out more about FLATSCAN visit our USA website here or call Tel: 0845 4900360