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Security Screening

Totalpost is a worldwide supplier of security screening equipment and has he broadest range on offer in South Africa. This includes X-Ray security screening of mail, baggage and cargo; Full body screening; Digital forensic screening; Metal detection, and; Trace detection.

We work with and supply some of the most highly regarded security manufacturers in the World including Astrophysics Inc, OD Security and, Implant Science Corporation.

Our range of security screening devices ensure the safe and thorough screening of both objects and people.

Our X-Ray security conveyor and cabinet range provides the safe and efficient screening of all sizes of objects. The cabinet range is ideal for screening mail and parcels or other small objects in compact spaces and are often used in mailrooms and prisons.

The Astrophysics Inc X-Ray security screening range comes in a variety of different sizes and screening strengths. It is used across lots of different applications, and is commonly used by freight handlers for screening freight. This technology allows screening operatives to quickly and easily identify hidden threats.

The digital forensic screening that we provide is a revolutionary new technology that uses X-Ray for forensics. It enables forensic pathologists to quickly identify cause of death and is used for autopsy and for gathering evidence in criminal cases.

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