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Weapons Management

ProxSafe Weapons Pillar

A clever system for the safe housing and tracking of weapons, the proxSafe Weapons Pillar allows for the automatic issue and return of weapons.

The column consists of access controlled compartments and a service compartment used for ps_weapon-pillarinstallation and emergency release.

Operated alongside a proxSafe Terminal the Pillar itself is compact and designed to fit easily into any environment. There is a proxCylinder or RFID reader in every compartment which allows certain and easy identification on the contents.

Easy to use, after the user has been verified and the weapon required authorised and selected the correct compartment will light up for easy access.

As an added security measure, there is the option to add a transponder directly to into each weapon for added identification security.

A back-up battery is included within the system to enabled continued safe usage even in a power cut.


  • Secured compartmentsweapons drawer final
  • Fail-safe opening
  • Box identification with proxCylinder
  • Secured service compartment
  • Emergency opening feature


Outer dimensions (mm)            325 x 1920 x 390

Inner shelf dimensions (mm)     240 x 130 x 367

Wight (kg)                               150

Material                                   Sheet steel St 12.03

Power requirement                  90 – 250 VDC

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