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Library Management Systems

Totalpost supplies the latest asset tracking technology from Tagtron. Essential for the efficient running of library and document holding services, this technology utilises RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology. This enables document holders and administrators to keep constant track of any loaned assets eliminating the possibility of documents “going missing”.

Asset tracking ensures that valuable or essential documents can be tracked at all times. For example this can be essential when dealing with case files, medical or financial documents.

Using Asset tracking removes the risk of loss of documents which can be time consuming, can cause breaches in security and can negatively effect reputation.

Bibliotheca Smarttrack

Smarttrak is intelligent asset tracking software which is supplied by Totalpost. This software allows users to accurately monitor a documents whereabouts and to view its historical placement history. It features an extremely clear and easy to use dashboard putting the location of all documents at your fingertips.

Benefits include:

  • View and audit the full life cycle of a document
  • Allow full management of singular or groups of documents
  • Manage users, permissions and locations
  • Search for tracked documents
  • Run administrative reports
  • Add or view notes on each document

How it works

An RFID tag is attached to each document allowing it to be trackable across all locations.

The ID of each use is recorded within the Smarttrack software system and each can be assigned different permissions and timescales.

This automatically increases the security of each document and because staff are aware of the tracking it increases productivity.

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