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RFID Asset Tracking

Totalpost is an expert in RFID Asset Tracking and offers a variety of specialised tools and expertise to help companies keep a track of their assets.

Common issues in the misplacement of assets which we encounter include:

  • Asset removed without booking out (no accountability)
  • Asset not returned (deliberately/accidentally) to the right location
  • Asset returned to the incorrect location
  • Delays finding Assets results in lack of system confidence
  • Little/no granular detail of Asset history
  • Secondary file created in absence of the lost document
  • Multi-part Assets become separated

However these problems can be easily solved with RFID Asset Tracking.

RFID delivers a real-time location based service and the ability to track both the user and the asset. It automatically assigns responsibility to the asset and enables enhanced security measures to be taken against more valuable assets.

Additionally it allows for confident transportation of sensitive materials. As an added benefit it enables you to view a full document lifecycle and audit inventory.

Totalpost provides Asset Tracking services across the following areas:

  • Library Management Systems
  • Weapons Management Systems
  • Carpool Management
  • Laundry Management
  • Asset Tracking

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