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Full Body X-Ray Scanners

Totalpost provides a range of full body X-Ray
scanners as a modern alternative Soter cutoutto strip searching. These completely safe, low dosage X-Ray body screeners are compact, easy to use and provide an extremely efficient way of undertaking body screening.

Effective in the identification of hidden contraband and threats including drugs, weapons and cell phones, these screeners pick up metals, plastics and organic materials.

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Our range of full body X-Ray scanners are ideal for use in prisons, courtrooms, and any scenario where people need to be screened.

Minimum training is required and multiple operators can use the screener at the same time as additional monitors can be added.

Having such a thorough and versatile body screening system on site means everyone’s safety is ensured and searches can be carried out with minimum interference.

Sotor RS Body Scanner Sotor RS Body Scanner The Sotor RS is a premium full body X-Ray scanner utilising a completely safe low dosage X-Ray to screen individuals efficiently for metals, plastics and organic materials. Specification Dimensions:

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