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Digital Forensic Screening – FLATSCAN

FLATSCAN is a new,non invasive, efficient and extremely safe digital forensic screening device which is ideal for:


  • Creating medical forensic reports
  • Identifying cause of death simply through digital screening
  • Gathering evidence for criminal cases
  • Establishing a persons identity

FLATSCAN is a revolutionary digital forensic screening system which enables coroners and forensic examiners in the, identification of possible injuries suffered by an individual and, documentation of reports via high definition images.

MG_3987-300x200This new piece of forensic equipment provides fast, high penetration digital forensic screening at a fraction of the cost of comparable CT scanning equivalents.

The X-Ray unit itself is completely sealed within the machine for added safety and to allow extended usage.

FLATSCAN provides fast and accurate screening meaning that autopsies can be carried out very quickly. Detailed imagery is produced from the crisp and clear scans leading to more accurate autopsy outcomes. The images are captured through the acquisition of Digital Flat Panel High resolution technology.

You can view a video of the FLATSCAN digital forensic screening device here: 

Easy specialized forensic analysis

The FLATSCAN enables forensic screener operators to focus on an affected or infected organ for extremely detailed analysis at the touch of a button.

Injuries such as bullet wounds can be localized by zooming in on the specific area and mapping machine-cropped-300x170 the path of the object. Hidden injuries which otherwise could not be viewed without lengthy invasive investigation can be viewed and easily discovered in a non invasive manner with minimum disruption to the body.This all-digital technology includes full dose control of a high performance x-ray generator, and allows the optimization of the exposure levels necessary for the separate inspection of each body part.

Maximising specialist time

The FLATSCAN is veryeasy to use, a technician can capture whole body images for initial analysis. slider2-jpeg-cropped-300x112Allowing the forensic pathologist to focus in on specific body areas or organs and fast track to a diagnosis.

This equipment also has the ability to run non-stop including a user-friendly operator interface allowing a very efficient and seamless inspection process.

Additionally the FLATSCAN reduces the requirement for invasive surgical autopsy.

Completely safe X-Ray

The X-Ray itself is sealed and so the machine does not need to be housed in a separate room. This means operators are not restricted by a set time of working as the machine can be operated continuously.

Gathering evidence

bullet-path1-256x300The FLATSCAN digital forensic screening device reduces the likelihood of misdiagnosis results and provides essential forensic evidence.

The FLATSCAN automatically saves a catalogue of forensic images which  can be printed or moved to other devices. Each image comes complete with essential details including date and time, image captures, subjects names and operators name.

The captured images are processed through a high-performance workstation and provides detailed results that greatly assist in the process of reports generation.


inside-the-machine-249x300The FLATSCAN is:

  • Easy to operate
  • Operational within any room and does not require a separate  X-Ray room
  • A provider of clear, high quality images
  • Safe to operate
  • Easy to clean with removable parts
  • Extremely robust
  • Built specifically for the purpose of autopsy screening

Additionally the FLATSCAN features:

  • Optimum exposure for the individual inspection of each body part
  • Protects operator and other lab professionals (radiation is less than 1mSv/hr.)
  • An LCD camera inside the inspection cabin
  • Automatic body positioning
  • Automatic movement of the X-Ray tube and flat detector
  • Allows manual positioning of the body safely and accurately
  • No need for the screening operative to touch the body
  • Variable X-Ray dosage capture selection

clean-300x200Technical specification:

  • DICOM 3.0 image format, compatible with PACS
  • Ease of image export and import
  • Self-diagnosis function for easy maintenance
  • Password protected console
  • Friendly system / easy to use

FLATSCAN is a safe, fast, low-cost and user-friendly digital forensic screening system.

FLATSCAN was specifically designed for forensic use by a leading designer and manufacturer of medical and security x-ray systems, with full input and testing by leading Medical Examiners.

For more information about this unique digital forensic screening system contact us at

For more information about this unique digital forensic screening system contact us at Tel: (0)11 312 8502 or email