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Totalpost supplies a full range of turnstiles both full and half height provided by the well known security manufacturer iMAT.

These turnstiles have been designed for the effective security handling of people flow and access and are ideal for use within a variety of applications where the entry and exit of people needs to be controlled.

Our full height range offer a high level of security and can be easily used in unmanned areas without any issues. All have been built to an extremely high specification with good quality materials and can be used either indoors or outdoors without any problems.

All come in a variety of material and colour finishes making them ideal for corporate environments where security and appearance are important.

Our range of half height turnstiles are best used at manned security points and are adept at handling high volumes of people.

The majority of these systems also have the ability to be coupled with other security interfaces which we also supply such as biometrics, card readers or pin code access.

To find out more about our full range of security turnstiles or any of our other access control equipment contact us at Tel: (0)11 312 8502 or emailĀ

Full Height Turnstiles Full height turnstiles offer a high level of access control and security when dealing with people. Designed to allow only one person at a time these are efficient and reliable

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Half Height Turnstile Totalpost supply a wide range of iMAT manufactured half height turnstiles. These are ideal for controlling the flow and access of people into many applications and are best used alongside

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