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Door Lock Fingerprint Authentication

Fingerprint authentication is increasingly being used in modern door lock technology and VIRDI is a leader in this. Using fingerprint technology on door locks is the ultimate security removing the need for a key or card. These systems also have additional clever features including a built in thermal sensor to open the lock in the event of fire.


Key features:

  • Patented fake finger detectionvirdi dl473fr
  • User capacity of 100
  • Card reader option: 125KHz EM
  • STA manager software via USB host connector
  • Strong resistance against electric shock
  •  IPX4 weatherproof certified
  • Warning signal for battery replacement
  • Can be integrated with other 6V locks


Key features:

  • User Capacity 100
  • Strong resistance against electric shock450fp
  • IPX4 Weatherproof Certified
  • Warning signal for battery replacement
  • Home and office mode support
  • Aluminum die-casting body
  • Automatic re-locking function
  • Double Safety Locking