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Access Control

Totalpost supplies a full range of access control equipment including Biometrics; Card and Pincode Readers, and; CCTV. Additionally physical access controls including Boomgates; Turnstiles, and; Security Booths are supplied.

Our suite of access security systems enables users to control access to buildings and events where multiple parties are entering. Additionally this technology has been developed as a door lock system for enhanced personal home security.

Biometric finger printing is also supplied for high security access control of computers and computer storage equipment.

Additionally a reader system has been developed for use in areas where the number of people entering a building needs to be counted such as in a department store for marketing purposes.

We provide the highest standard of technology coupled with the knowledge of experienced security professionals.

To find out more about Totalpost’s full range of access control equipment and services Tel: (0)11 312 8502 or email