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Security Screening

Totalpost is a worldwide supplier of security screening equipment and has he broadest range on offer in South Africa. This includes X-Ray security screening of mail, baggage and cargo; Full...

Access Control

Totalpost supplies a full range of access control equipment including Biometrics; Card and Pincode Readers, and; CCTV. Additionally physical access controls including Boomgates; Turnstiles, and; Security Booths are supplied. Our...

RFID Asset Tracking

Totalpost is an expert in RFID Asset Tracking and offers a variety of specialised tools and expertise to help companies keep a track of their assets. Common issues in the...

Digital Forensic Screening – FLATSCAN

FLATSCAN is a new,non invasive, efficient and extremely safe digital forensic screening device which is ideal for: Creating medical forensic reports Identifying cause of death simply through digital screening Gathering...

Biometrics and Card Readers

Totalpost supply some of the most advanced Biometrics, Fingerprint Recognition and card reading technology on the market. Totalpost is a supplier of VIRDI patented live and fake finger detection technology....

Why Choose Totalpost?

Established in 2002, Totalpost Services Plc is one of the world’s foremost suppliers of every aspect of mailing equipment and threat detection machinery.

Totalpost Mailing & Mechanisation Ltd.

An expert in security products and services including X-Ray Security Screening and, Digital Forensic Screening.

About us

Totalpost Mailing & Mechanisation Ltd. South Africa is an associate of Totalpost Mailing & Mechanisation Ltd, a long established security and mailroom specialist, based in the UK with a worldwide presence.

Totalpost Mailing & Mechanisation Ltd sells in more than 20 countries throughout Europe and the USA.

X-Ray Security Screening

Totalpost is a leading supplier of the most advanced conveyor and cabinet X-Ray security screening solutions on the market.

Totalpost is one of the leading distributors worldwide of the state-of-the-art range of Astrophysics Inc X-Ray security screening machines. The Astrophysics range uses advanced technology that out performs many other security screening products.

X-Ray security screening is largely used at ports and airports for the effective screening of freight and cargo to ensure safe and efficient transportation that meets international security standards.

Additionally, Checkpoint security screening equipment is effectively used for detecting threats in airports, prisons, courts, mailrooms and other locations requiring advanced security and threat detection.

Totalpost provides a wide range of both conveyor / tunnel X-Ray technology and cabinet security screening machinery.

Digital Forensic Screening

Totalpost is a leading supplier of  the latest digital forensic screening technology. Called FLATSCAN, this equipment uses the latest digital technology to provide clear, efficient, non invasive forensic pathology screening at a fraction of the cost of CT scan equivalents. This technology is revolutionizing the way in which forensic pathology is carried out as it provides a fast and accurate way of producing medical and criminal reports following a death or homicide.

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